OnBase Training

Our OnBase Training program offers a range of learning opportunities to cater to various user roles and skill levels within an organization. These services can be delivered in different formats, including:

Classroom Training

In-person sessions conducted by experienced trainers who provide comprehensive instruction on using OnBase. Participants can ask questions, interact with fellow learners, and gain hands-on experience through practical exercises.

Virtual Training

Online training sessions that allow participants to learn remotely. Virtual training often includes live webinars or pre-recorded videos, supplemented with interactive exercises and quizzes to enhance understanding.

Customized On-Site Training

Tailored training programs delivered on-site at an organization’s premises. This type of training can be customized to align with the specific needs and processes of the organization, ensuring a more targeted and relevant learning experience.
The content covered in an OnBase training service include the following topics:
Introduction to OnBase
An overview of the OnBase system, its features, and benefits.
User Interface and Navigation
Learning how to navigate the OnBase interface, access documents, and use search functionalities.
Document Management
Understanding how to capture, store, organize, and retrieve documents within OnBase.
Records Management
Understanding best practices for managing records, setting retention schedules, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Learning how to design and configure workflows to automate business processes, including approvals, notifications, and task assignments.
Reporting and Analytics
Exploring the reporting capabilities of OnBase to generate insights and track performance metrics.
The OnBase training service may also provide participants with resources such as user manuals, reference guides, and online forums or communities where they can seek further assistance or collaborate with other OnBase users.
OnBase training service aims to empower users with the knowledge and skills required to leverage the full potential of the OnBase ECM platform, enabling organizations to optimize their document management and business processes effectively.