OnBase AP Solution

The OnBase solution for Accounts Payable processing is a comprehensive workflow system designed to streamline and automate the entire invoice processing cycle. It provides a structured and efficient approach to managing vendor invoices, from their initial receipt to the final payment and archiving.

Scan/Import into OnBase

The workflow process begins with the scanning or importing of the invoice documents into OnBase. This can be done through various means, such as scanning physical documents or electronically importing digital invoices.

Categorize Invoices

 Once the documents are in OnBase, the system utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools to extract important information, such as vendor details and invoice data, from the documents. Also OnBase allows users to index and categorize the invoices based on vendor and other relevant criteria. This indexing process helps in organizing and searching for invoices later on.

Invoice Approval

The next step in the workflow is routing the invoice for approval. OnBase leverages routing matrices, which are predefined rules or criteria, to determine the appropriate individuals or departments that need to review and

approve the invoice. The system automatically forwards the invoice to the designated approvers, streamlining the approval process and ensuring timely decision-making.

Final Accounting Review

Once the invoice receives approval, it is sent back to the accounting department for a final review. Here, the accounting team verifies the details and prepares to upload the invoice information into the organization’s General

Ledger (GL) software or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This step ensures accurate financial recording and integration with the organization’s existing accounting systems.

Upload into GL/ERP System

After the accounting team completes the upload process, the GL/ERP system issues the payment to the vendor. OnBase captures a record of this payment information, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail within the system.

Mark Invoice as Paid

At this point, the invoice is marked as paid in OnBase, signifying the completion of the payment process. The solution allows for easy retrieval of the invoice at any time, ensuring accessibility for future reference or auditing


Overall, the Accounts Payable processing solution in OnBase provides an end-to-end workflow for managing vendor invoices, from initial receipt to final payment. It offers features such as document scanning, OCR-based data extraction, routing matrices for approval, integration with GL/ERP systems, payment record capture, and reliable document retrieval.