OnBase Implementation

OnBase implementation services encompass the process of setting up and configuring an OnBase solution tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of an organization. During an implementation, the implementation team collaborates closely with the organization to understand their business processes and goals. They design a solution architecture, configure the OnBase software, develop custom functionalities if necessary, migrate data, conduct thorough testing, provide training, and offer post-implementation support to ensure a successful deployment of the OnBase solution.

Requirement Gathering

The implementation team from Savvy Source collaborates closely with the organization to understand its unique business processes, goals, and challenges. We conduct thorough requirement gathering sessions to identify the key areas where OnBase can bring value and efficiency.

Solution Design

Based on the gathered requirements, the implementation team designs a solution architecture that outlines how OnBase will be configured and integrated into the organization’s existing systems and workflows. This includes defining document types, metadata structures, security permissions, and workflow processes.

System Configuration

The implementation team configures the OnBase software based on the solution design. This involves setting up user roles and permissions, configuring document capture processes, defining metadata fields, configuring document repositories, and establishing integration points with other systems, such as ERP or CRM platforms.

Customization and Workflow Design

If necessary, the implementation team may develop custom functionalities or workflows within OnBase to align with the organization’s specific requirements. This could include creating custom scripts, business rules, or developing integrations with external systems.

Data Migration

If there is existing data that needs to be migrated to OnBase, the implementation team assists in extracting, transforming, and loading the data into the appropriate locations within OnBase. This ensures that historical documents and information are available within the new solution.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The implementation team performs thorough testing to ensure that the OnBase solution functions as expected. This includes testing various scenarios, validating workflows, and verifying integrations with other systems. Any identified issues or bugs are addressed and resolved during this phase.

Training and User Adoption

The implementation team conducts training sessions for end-users, administrators, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition to using OnBase. The training covers system navigation, document management, workflow processes, and other functionalities, empowering users to effectively utilize the solution.

Go-Live and Post-Implementation Support

Once the solution has been thoroughly tested and users have been trained, the implementation team assists with the go-live process, ensuring a smooth transition to the production environment. We provide post-implementation support to address any issues, questions, or additional training needs that may arise during the initial period of system usage.