The PO Automation solution for OnBase streamlines the purchase order (PO) workflow by leveraging its document management and automation capabilities.. Here’s a step-by-step description of the solution:

  1. New PO Creation: The PO creation process starts in OnBase, where users enter relevant information such as vendor details, GL information, and other necessary data to create a new PO record.
  2. PO Number Assignment: Once the PO is created, the system generates a unique PO number, which is then communicated to the staff responsible for placing the order with the supplier.
  3. Supplier Order and Invoice: The staff provides the PO number to the supplier when placing the order. Upon delivery, the supplier provides an invoice that includes the PO number for reference.
  4. Invoice Scanning: The received invoice is scanned into OnBase, either through manual scanning or automated document capture solutions, which convert the physical document into a digital format.
  5. PO Number Extraction: OnBase employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or other data extraction techniques to read and extract the PO number from the invoice document.
  6. Data Population: Using the extracted PO number, OnBase automatically populates the relevant vendor information, GL details, and approver information associated with the specific PO.
  7. Approval Workflow: The invoice is then routed through an automated approval workflow within OnBase, where the appropriate approvers are notified and can review and approve the invoice digitally. This workflow can be configured based on predefined rules and roles, ensuring efficient and timely approval processes.
  8. Accounts Payable Completion: Once the invoice has obtained the necessary approvals, it is returned to the accounting department for further processing in the Accounts Payable (AP) system. OnBase may integrate with the AP system to provide seamless data transfer and streamline the payment process.

By implementing this solution, organizations can streamline the PO process, reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency in invoice processing and AP management. The integration of OnBase with OCR technologies and workflow automation enables organizations to leverage the benefits of intelligent document processing and digital workflows for their procurement operations.