The Invoice to BOL Reconciliation solution for OnBase is designed to streamline the process of matching Bills of Lading (BOLs) with corresponding Accounts Payable (AP) invoices. Here’s how the workflow process works:

  1. BOLs are scanned or imported into OnBase as they are received. This allows for centralized storage and easy accessibility of the BOL documents.
  2. AP invoices are also entered into OnBase at a later stage. These invoices contain information such as invoice number, vendor details, line item descriptions, quantities, and amounts.
  3. OnBase performs a reconciliation process by checking if the BOLs mentioned in the AP invoice exist in its repository. This is done by comparing the BOL numbers or any other relevant identifiers.
  4. If the BOLs on the AP invoice are found in OnBase, the solution proceeds to calculate the pricing based on a predetermined price matrix. The price matrix helps determine the appropriate prices for the goods or services associated with each BOL line item.
  5. The calculated pricing is then compared to the total amount and quantities mentioned on the AP invoice. If the pricing sums up correctly, indicating a match between the BOLs and invoice details, OnBase proceeds with further actions.
  6. OnBase applies the appropriate General Ledger (GL) codes to the AP invoice, facilitating accurate accounting and financial tracking.
  7. Once the GL coding is complete, the AP invoice is queued for approval and subsequent payment. This ensures that the invoice goes through the necessary review and authorization processes before payment is made.

One of the key benefits of this solution is the elimination of mundane and repetitive work. By automating the reconciliation process and pricing calculations, OnBase reduces the manual effort required for matching BOLs with AP invoices. This frees up users’ time and allows them to focus on managing exceptions rather than performing routine tasks.

Exceptions, such as BOLs not found in OnBase or discrepancies in pricing, are managed through OnBase queues. These queues serve as a centralized location for users to identify and address any issues or discrepancies that arise during the reconciliation process. By consolidating exception management, the solution helps streamline exception resolution and ensures accurate and efficient invoice processing.