Our OnBase solutions offer a comprehensive and customizable platform that streamlines document management, workflow automation, and content management, empowering organizations to enhance efficiency and productivity. With robust features like intelligent capture, seamless integration with existing systems, and secure access to information from anywhere, OnBase enables businesses to optimize their processes and make informed decisions.

Accounts Payable Automation

The OnBase AP solution automates invoice management from receipt to payment, incorporating scanning, OCR tools, routing for approval, integration with GL/ERP systems, payment record capture, and easy retrieval, streamlining the entire workflow.

Invoice to BOL Reconciliation

The OnBase Reconciliation solution automates the matching of Bills of Lading with Accounts Payable invoices, streamlining the process, reducing manual effort, and allowing users to focus on exceptions.

Purchase Order PO Automation

The OnBase PO solution automates the creation of purchase orders, extraction of information from supplier invoices, and routing of invoices for approval. By leveraging OCR technology and automated workflows, this solution streamlines the entire purchase order process, improving efficiency and accuracy while reducing manual effort.

Insurance Claims For Auto Body Shops

The Insurance Claim Automation for Auto Body Shops solution revolutionizes the insurance claims process in auto repair, enhancing efficiency, communication, and customer satisfaction for both repair shops and insurance companies.

Legal & Compliance Automation

The OnBase legal and compliance solution streamlines contract management, facilitates audit and compliance processes, and enables effective records management through features such as centralized document repositories, workflow automation, notifications, version control, audit trails, and retention schedules.

HR Automation

OnBase HR Solution is an enterprise content management solution that automates HR processes, digitizes employee documents, and improves compliance through workflow automation, employee self-service, and robust reporting capabilities.


Software Development and Intergration

We provide comprehensive software development and integration services by collaborating closely with our clients to understand their requirements and objectives, followed by utilizing the latest technologies and best practices to design, develop, and seamlessly integrate customized software solutions tailored to their business needs.


We provide comprehensive OnBase implementation and support services by leveraging our expertise in system analysis, configuration, and integration, ensuring seamless deployment and ongoing maintenance to optimize your organization’s document management and workflow processes. Our dedicated team of experts collaborates closely with clients, delivering tailored solutions and timely support to maximize the value of OnBase and meet your specific business requirements effectively.


Our OnBase support services offer comprehensive assistance and technical expertise to optimize the implementation and maintenance of the OnBase enterprise content management platform, ensuring seamless document management and workflow automation for businesses. With a dedicated team of experts, we deliver prompt resolutions, proactive monitoring, and continuous improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of OnBase operations.


We provide comprehensive business analysis, solution design, and project management consulting services to help organizations identify their needs, optimize processes, and develop tailored strategies for successful project execution. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients, utilizing industry best practices and proven methodologies to deliver customized solutions that drive business growth and achieve project objectives efficiently.